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December 3, 2019 0 By Ewald Bahringer

somebody with respect, and– a lot of people say that
I have no respect for– that I’m an asshole
or whatever. I’m just talking shit
all the time. I just say what’s on my mind,
and I’m usually right. And I also found out the
secret to all of it. What drives people most insane
of all, is ignoring them. You ignore somebody, walk
right by them like you don’t know them. [CHUCKLING] Oh God. PATRICK O’DELL: All right,
welcome back to the show. This episode is about the editor
of Thrasher Magazine, Jake Phelps. One thing I always noticed with
Jake is everything he says is quotable. People love to tell you what
they think of Jake Phleps. But Jake also likes to
tell you what he thinks of most people. We’re going to meet up with
him, cruise around SF. We’re going to look
at some spots. And I hope you enjoy it. JAKE PHELPS: Look there’s
a skateboard person. Look these kids are just skating
down the street, just skating street style. That’s Errol Langdon he’s one
of the skateboard dudes. Nice. Skating is big in SF. Big, big, big stuff. I’ll take you up to
The Dish first. Did you see the original
skatepark, the San Francisco skatepark? Where we’ve had riots
up here before. It’s been gnarly. Kids were all just skating
around here, and the kids came up over the hill in waves. And then there was just a
fucking free for all fight. People just getting fucking
whupped up on bottles, sticks, and shit. I took on a bunch of
kids here one time. These kids were waiting for
the bus right here. And I was skating down the
street with my fucking knee pads and shit. They looked at me once, my
wheels were [INAUDIBLE], my bolts were rattling. They were like, fuck this dude,
let’s fuck this dude up. They jumped me, broke
my glasses. It was just like a rap,
like Beastie Boys rap, or some bull shit. This is Phelps Street. I gotta take you to this spot. Coco’s name is carved in
the ground, [INAUDIBLE] is. He actually did that. This is some weird shit. You gonna be like, whoa
that’s a trip. It says, Coco Santiago
real skateboard. PATRICK O’DELL: What’s
Coco doing right now? JAKE PHELPS: He’s cooked. He’s gone. His mother is the last– his
mother, she was dying of fucking cancer. I happened to be there
at the hospital. Coco was there. She told me, she grabbed my arm,
dude she said, take care of Coco for me. I was like, I can hardly
take care of myself. And then she died. Then Coco, after the night
the van got shot up. He got shot. And, he never came
back from that. I think he’s heavily
medicated. He’s a ward of the state. It’s what I heard. I’ve seen him once or twice. He’s got a really random giggle,
every time I see him. Or Rambo, when he says,
he goes, you coulda killed all your men? Let it go. He’s got the knife to fucking
Brian Dennehy’s neck. And he just says it
to him, let it go. And he just can’t let it
go cause he’s a man. And he’s just like,
I can’t do it. PATRICK O’DELL: Where’s that
one that Cardiel tried? JAKE PHELPS: It’s
up by my house. I’ll show it to you. That was gnarliest thing ever. You’ve seen the– It was in “Anti Hero”
video I think. He tries it fucking– He tried it fucking seriously,
maybe 40 times. You can see the dirt on his
face, and the blood. He’s just leaking. [AUDIO FROM VIDEO PLAYBACK] -No. Leave me alone. -Hospital? -Just leave me alone, man. JAKE PHELPS: That was 1997. That’s how long ago that was. I mean people were doing
big rails and shit. People asked about, where
is it, where is it? I’m gonna go. Help yourself dude. No, I don’t think so. John’s got, he has things
named after him. He’s got the Union
Square Rail. And it’s like OK, and so
you guys skate, right? Oh yeah man we skate. That’s cool, huh? Look at this fucking
rail right here. Let’s get a little
taste of this. PATRICK O’DELL: It’s really
gnarly when someone does something that’s right next
to where everyone skates. Thousands and thousands of
skaters have had the chance to grind it. They’ve all seen it. JAKE PHELPS: Wouldn’t that
be sick and then nobody stepped to it. And then someone steps to it. And they say, fuck, that
shoulda been me. And you know what? It wasn’t you. Cause that’s what I always
like about the name. Cardiel, it’s just one
of those names. Like what’s back there? Cardiel’s back there. You know what that means? Get some. Cardiel, that’s all
you gotta say. He’s got a whole town named
after the fucking dude. [SKATEBOARDING NOISE] PATRICK O’DELL: What’re the
rules, bombing a hill? Can’t drag your foot? JAKE PHELPS: If you have to. Believe it or not,
any way you can. You gotta do what
you gotta do. If you’re about to get killed–
the only real rules of the road, is if you’re gonna
get hit by a car, go up. Don’t go down. [HONKS HORN] JAKE PHELPS: What’s up Pablo? PABLO CARRANZA: Nothing. JAKE PHELPS: How you living? Hey, you want to bomb a hill? This guy wants to film
you bombing a hill. Wanna bomb a hill? Pablo, what hill can
you do right now? I’ll follow you down the hill. PABLO CARRANZA: I
wanna do Haight. JAKE PHELPS: You want to
do this one the top? PABLO CARRANZA: No, the
one behind you. JAKE PHELPS: Come on
dude, let’s do something big and scary. People are gonna be like you
got to put SF right on the map, right? PABLO CARRANZA: Yeah JAKE PHELPS: What? PABLO CARRANZA: Gonna
die right there. JAKE PHELPS: You ain’t
gonna die. You’d be dead already if
you was gonna die. They’re big. They’re big and gnarly. They have to be. They’re fast, and death. Death trips. Sean Young, of course, he
said he bombed 17th Street, which is– if anybody did that,
help yourself. I’ll take you there. You can see it. It’s death. I mean death. Like dead. They’ve been trying to figure
this one out for fucking 35 years now. They finally put this cage
around this thing right here. PATRICK O’DELL: No way. JAKE PHELPS: Look, they got
a cage against the wall. Cause the bikers come,
and they see the skater’s doing it. And they’re like, oh we
gotta cage it off. PATRICK O’DELL: They
put a cage. JAKE PHELPS: They put a cage. Look, but these guys are
still ready to do it. Go get it. Let me see you guys go over
that fucking fence. How ’bout through it? MALE SPEAKER: Through it. JAKE PHELPS: Yeah. MALE SPEAKER: Man,
that’d be cool. JAKE PHELPS: Take
back the spot. I used to skate to work. And one time, I was walking
up this street. And I found a bunch of fucking
trash on the street. And it was a picture, a slide,
of Jaya Bonderov right on this corner. On that street. And as I picked it up, I was
like this is too fucking weird Just a picture. Skating’s, it’s permeated
to everything I know. JERRY HSU: Well one thing about
Jake is I know that he really loves skateboarding. And it’s his life. And I think that’s, I think
that’s really awesome. His whole life is skateboarding,
and he knows so much about skating. And I think that’s
really cool. Because I’ll see Jake,
and then he’ll just throw all this– he’ll just talk about all this
random stuff about skating, that I don’t even know
anything about. But it’s like, man I seriously
do not know how to talk about Jake. ROB WELSH: I love Phelps. He’s sick. Is that what you
were gonna say? Yeah, I can read your mind. Jake Phelps is sick. He is a true Thrasher. [HARD ROCK MUSIC] [JAKE PHELPS READING
SONG LYRICS] JAKE PHELPS: Then you go back
into the, this is the chorus. TONY TRUJILLO: I was
over my old band. And, we were on tour on the Burn
It Down tour in Europe with Anti Hero. And Jake was out there. And we just got to talking about
starting a stupid band. Cause he knew how to play
guitar, I guess. PATRICK O’DELL: How would
you describe Jake? TONY TRUJILLO: Oh, what day
is it Monday, or Friday? I don’t know, it’s
always different. Today he seems really happy. So that’s good, but
it’s hit and miss. I don’t know. Cause he has all the mag shit. And he’s got lots of people
breathing down his neck for the mag to get done. He comes over here,
he lets it out. And it’s good for him, a
little stress reliever. JAKE PHELPS: Some people
don’t like me. I don’t like a lot of people. That’s just the way it is. But the way that the functioning
magazine works is very different from the way
people understand it to be. That is the myth, that’s
one of the mysteries of skateboarding, and
Thrasher itself. Is that people think that I
have a real hidden agenda. And I don’t. There are some people that
I generally dislike. But that’s for me, for
reasons of my own. But I don’t go out of my way. If you skate, you skate. That’s cool dude. Let the hippie ride,
I don’t care. And it’s part of what I do. It’s my life. I gave my life to Thrasher. It wasn’t something that I
had any plans on doing. I dropped out of school. I just started doing drugs and
fucking off, and skating. My mom told me, she’s like do
what you like, and eventually it’ll work out for you. That’s about it. And the rest is fucking
history. I still think that the mag
for me is forever. JAKE NARRATING: People
are so selfish to think that they matter. To think that they actually
fucking matter. PATRICK O’DELL: I think
it’s pretty funny. JAKE NARRATING: But do you agree
with what I’m saying? PATRICK O’DELL: Yeah,
yeah totally. JAKE (NARRATING): It’s like
chicks, her hair’s weak, her hair you’re looking
at her hairdo? You care? She’s just like you. She squats when she pisses. Life is just like that, bro. [LAUGHS] MALE SPEAKER (OFFSCREEN):
[INAUDIBLE] shit. That’s how it be, man
You know what’s up. JAKE PHELPS: Ok, I’m a see you
up on the freeway, right? No, you get up in there. MALE SPEAKER: I get
all up in there. Man, I get in there like
some wet pussy, baby. JAKE PHELPS: –pussy
up in here. MALE SPEAKER: Jake
Phelps the Man. What’s up. JAKE PHELPS: You know it kid! PATRICK O’DELL: Who’s
that dude? JAKE PHELPS: That’s uh,
Fred, I don’t know. I don’t know. But I don’t know who they are. People know me. I’m a public person. JAKE (NARRATING): People know
me from just skating. I don’t know. I’m the crustiest motherfucker
in the world.