Too Fat To Fight? Military Obesity Discharges

November 19, 2019 0 By Ewald Bahringer

arising number of military uh…
soldiers are overweight and as a result of that they’re being discharged from
the military now i’m looking at their vin numbers reported on the number of
obese soldiers within the army specifically and the numbers are
actually pretty depressing also the number of active duty military personnel
deemed overweight or obese has more than tripled um… but in twenty ten or fees the in twenty ten eighty six thousand
one eighty six troops or five point eight percent of the force received at
least one clinical diagnosis of overweight or obese but stop right there because i have been an issue with this because our soldiers have to passed two
different tests the first test make sense it’s an endurance test where
they have to do running push-ups sit-ups than usual stuff on and the second test
is where they dual body mass index and that’s let’s keep their real b_m_i_ is usually mostly time inaccurate it because you might be muscular right
muscle weighs more than fat you might be short and you might not
pass the b_m_i_ tet test based on that a lot yet look or all these will be seat s i
fear of sir uh… and if everybody is that the servi
service partly because we arm or a piece of paper but it’s also
partly because for the way they were measuring it we’re
like okay if you don’t look like much combo recalling some movies straight intermediation only made one pass the
uh… i don’t care because of that asked if he turns out that he could passenger recess push-ups sit-ups a
setter dot blots and it’s sort of similar to
women who want to be on the front lines uh… instead of picking who can be on the front lines
based on uh… gender why don’t you just see if women can pass the certain
testing in duran’s test and if they can then if they want to be
in combat sharpening combat it’s a very similar um… you know type of situation so um… but it would be naive to deny
that members of our military are getting all
the sides of my own aggressiveness like the rest of us so uh… in by the way just a few other
statistics that i found a little interesting during the first ten months
of this year the army kicked out one thousand six
hundred twenty five soldiers for being out of shape about fifteen times the number discharge
for that reason two thousand seven the peak of wartime deployment cycles so
it’s probably ’cause we’re getting slightly better but mainly because we
knew a lot of soldiers voted two thousand seven so they liked her very
slight he’s fine program finances are a registered nurse
who really love well on the phone with you may act that was the most violent here
in the war in iraq so that’s why they needed to deploy as many as possible so uh… that’s not really works but look at them and river problems the
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