Top 10 Snacks for Diabetes

September 29, 2019 0 By Ewald Bahringer

Hello, I am Ty Mason of,
researcher, writer and I have type 2 diabetes. Today I will give you my Top 10 snacks for
those with diabetes. After you watch the video today, I invite
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for everyone! Let’s face it. One of the main problems those of us with
diabetes have is our hunger and trying to find those in between meal snacks that are
satisfying and taste good while also helping us maintain our blood sugar. When it comes to snacks, or any food for that
matter, I always look at the Glycemic Load. There are those who will tell you that the
Glycemic Index is what matters, but the glycemic index doesn’t really give you a complete
understanding of what a particular food will do to your blood sugar. It simply gives you a number based on 50 carbs
of a specific food. The glycemic load takes into account what
type of carb we are dealing with and how it truly affects your blood sugar postprandial. I say this so that if you see a food on my
list of best snacks and on another “experts” list it is on a list of worst snacks, you
will know why. I will give you both the GI and GL of each
food on this list. I also do not put my lists in any type of
order. So here we go:
1. Popcorn. This is a food you will probably see on some
worst snacks list because the GI is a medium 55. But the glycemic load of popcorn is a very
low 2.8. In its unprocessed form, popcorn is considered
a significant source of whole-grain fiber. I love popcorn for……..breakfast! Yes, popcorn with a little sucrose and 2%
milk is a wonderful cereal. You may think I am crazy, fair enough, but
try it. It truly is a great snack for anytime. Not just when watching a movie. A small microwave bag is the perfect size
for a good snack. 2. Greek Yogurt. Greek Yogurt is rich in calcium, high in protein
and probiotics. There are few foods healthier than Greek yogurt. They do have some carbs, but they aren’t
significant. Greek only has about 4 grams of sugar per
6 ounce serving. Greek yogurt contains significant amounts
of potassium, calcium and magnesium, which is shown to improve blood pressure. Calcium, phosphorous and magnesium are important
in bone health also. The GI of Greek yogurt is 11, the GL is zero. Put some strawberries and walnuts in a cup
of Greek yogurt and you are going to thank me later! 3. Walnuts. Speaking of walnuts. I am convinced walnuts are the overall best
food for you. I know they are expensive, that’s why when
I can find them on sale or buy them in bulk, I will jump at the chance. Stored properly they can last a while. Walnuts have a GI and GL of zero meaning that
they have no significant effect on raising blood sugar, they are extremely heart healthy
and they also contain copper, manganese, vitamin B1 and vitamin B6. Plus they are super rich in omega 3 fatty
acids. 4. Strawberries/Blueberries. Strawberries –A great alternative to those
with a sweet tooth is strawberries. They are sweet, low in calories and make a
great snack. Several human studies have established that
people who eat plenty of berries, such as strawberries and blueberries, have a lower
risk of both diabetes, heart attacks and dementia. Studies have also linked the high vitamin
C content of strawberries to a lower risk of type 2 diabetes. One cup of fresh strawberries provides 160
percent of your daily need of vitamin C. Wanna really good snack? Blend fresh or frozen strawberries and/or
blueberries into a smoothie. Both strawberries and blueberries have a low
GI in the low 40’s as an average. They have an average GL of 4. 5. Peanut butter. Has anyone ever told you that someone with
diabetes shouldn’t eat peanut butter? Tell them they are nuts. Peanut butter has a glycemic index of 14 and
a glycemic load of 6. This low ranking means peanut butter helps
stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels. Yes, they have a lot of calories and you will
see several carbs on the label. But a tablespoon full of peanut butter is
an amazing snack to fill you up. Peanut butter is is very low in Cholesterol. It is also a good source of Niacin and Manganese. 6. Apples. I know, another fruit, but a small apple (about
the size of a tennis ball) delivers 77 calories, 21 grams of carbohydrate and 4 grams of fiber. It’s also a good source of vitamin C and has
a smattering of other vitamins and minerals. The main benefit of an apple is the richness
they possess in soluble fiber. This fiber keeps you full and slows down the
absorption of sugar into your bloodstream helping regulate blood glucose levels. Apples have a GI of 39 and a GL of 4
7. A dark chocolate bar. Now hear me out! I know you are thinking that I have lost my
mind. Remember, I said DARK chocolate, not milk
chocolate. There is a huge difference. But listen to this, Italian researchers discovered
that health benefits of dark chocolate include significantly improved markers of insulin
sensitivity, decreasing fasting insulin and glucose levels, as well as insulin and glucose
responses to the glucose tolerance test. But there is a small catch. You are looking for high-quality dark chocolate
bars that contain 70 percent cocoa or more. The higher the better. A 70 percent cocoa bar like Dove’s Dark
Chocolate bar has a GI of 23 and a GL of 4. 8. Boiled eggs. Eggs are an amazing super food. Boiled eggs are an amazing super snack. Boil up a half dozen or so and put them in
the fridge. They are awesome with just a LITTLE sea salt
as a snack. Eggs are a good source of Riboflavin, Vitamin
B12 and Phosphorus, and a very good source of Protein and Selenium. They are also an excellent source of protein! The GI and GL of eggs are both ZERO. 9. Sting cheese. Cheddar, provolone and mozzarella are the
best type. They have both a GI and GL rating at ZERO! That should be enough of an incentive to eat
them. They are pre-packaged for portion control. They are very filling. Plus they contain a great source of calcium,
Vitamin D and protein. 10. I may get laughed off youtube for this one. But #10 is peanut M&Ms. Now, I am not talking about a huge amount
here. A fun size bag, which is a good snack size
only has 90 calories. The bulk of this candy is a peanut. Very little chocolate is present. With a GI of 33 and a GL of 6 it is a great
snack. PLUS sometimes we feel like we need to “cheat”
a little bit on our diet plan. Don’t we? This snack will kind of give us permission
to cheat a little, give us a good feeling psychologically and yet not harm our blood
sugar levels. I hope you have found this video helpful. Don’t forget to get my new ebook and please,
subscribe to our channel for many more videos like this one in the future. Thanks for watching. I am Ty Mason.