UMI Asked Natrue Boy 😱  Could She Come Back PROOF😱😱😱

UMI Asked Natrue Boy 😱 Could She Come Back PROOF😱😱😱

September 27, 2019 0 By Ewald Bahringer

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share and leave a comment so let’s get into this video so is this a situation
where we go Europe or is this a situation where we go hmmm now for the
last week or so goomy’s allegedly been trying to get
home I just found out yesterday while live-streaming some of my viewers and
people that’s tuned in to me had to make it clear to me and thank you guys for
doing that that no in fact this is not Emmys first time allegedly missing a
flight because she overslept it’s her second time so it already made
me say things that make you go home well allegedly natureboy yesterday which was
Saturday we’re reporting this Sunday September 22nd 2019 he was drinking that
grape juice let’s just call it and usually when people drink the grape
juice they start telling the truth I call it the truth serum so let me get
out of my joking voice so yesterday natureboy went live and there was
someone who came into his livestream that he considered as a traitor and that
happens a lot in the YouTube community people flip-flop it can happen between
viewers people that view the videos and then it can happen between people that a
channel holders you don’t know who you can trust out in these YouTube streets
but that person came into the livestream and while Nature Boy was drinking that
grape juice he was upset so what he did next was
what he always does he puts the person on blast and who did he put on blast ooh
me so on alleged and I don’t think it’s alleged
the cell phone cuz we know she has to have something that she’s communicating
on and putting up those fake plain receipts on to her i G page that she
took down when someone had pulled her card that it said 2017 because they were
probably screenshots to begin with but getting back to the topic at hand when
Nature Boy had got angry seeing this person come into his live stream he
pulled up some proof that only in fact probably on that cell phone that she
currently has that she’s working off of the free Wi-Fi at the pen of my hotel
that she’s staying at um text him can I come back with the question mark at 2:26
p.m. yesterday and of course we all know this is a pattern with Nature Boy when
Nature Boy is angry he’s already been exposed by Umi she didn’t even leave out
the country before she dropped a lot of things that I believe to be factual or
fits the bill of what others that were X carbonation member members that have
said about Nature Boy but she spilled the beans quickly and as I refer to in
other occasions she spilled the beans quicker than velvet I don’t even
consider Ashley velvet spilling the beans at all she was just talking about
her own personal experience and not how Nature Boy in fact runs his camp
completely like only did in a short amount of time so my answer to you know
my question to you guys is what are you thinking about this whole situation now
this is my opinion on how I think this whole scenario went it could be a dozen
scenarios but one scenario I now have in my head is she was set up to be at that
Panama Hotel okay and Nature Boy is a mastermind he plays chess
and those are the chess pieces and he uses the people who are you know donate
to him to help him financially so that’s how ami got over to on the hotel so let
me just say this to you are you guys really using your thinking cap maybe
only didn’t miss two flights maybe Nature Boy has her sitting camped
up like he did aya in raw and the story is going again that Umi wants to leave
like he did aya in raw and the story that I’m the oh he has to tell is that
she overslept and missed two flights and that money went over to Nature Boy those
two times for those two flights so the third flight Umi might keep this one and
really go home but it may have been set up for her in good faith in order for
her to come back to carbonation she had to bring some funding back to the camp
so she had to post up any means necessary and get that money until
further notice by Nature Boy that’s how I’m seeing how the process is going now
don’t be surprised if only shows up on Tuesday on live with Nature Boy with the
story on why she decided to say even if she doesn’t stay this still is something
fishy going on there’s something that I believe that Umi was a part of to keep
good faith with Nature Boy what I also see as to be suspect is how she still
kept the name that he gave her yeah one people I mean one could stay excuse me
getting tongue-tied one could say people could say that she’s keeping it because
maybe she’s trying to build her following off a Nature Boy a lot of
people do but I say that there’s more to the story I say that this is a woman
school and who thought that she was gonna go
over there with her fiery personality take him from nature boy because her
threat is gone velvet and I believe that she wanted to do it like all these young
young uns want to do these days they want to do it like yesterday and she
went over there she could see that it was gonna be a hard time neither one of
them thought what they thought was what it was when they seen each other in
person and it didn’t go so well but I think Umi is like a lot of those other
women she’s gonna try try and try again and we’re gonna see if she in fact does
leave on Tuesday and if she does leave let’s see if she’s a woman of her word
and comes completely clean of what she actually did or Nature Boy she can also
she can arm you know expose the light by throwing natureboy under the bus like
she always does making it seem like this is what he proposed to her to do to get
money but she didn’t do it but she can also tell the truth and admit that he
had her posting up before she decided to go home on Tuesday on that flight that
she probably kept the money for to pay for her third plane ticket she could
tell the truth that she did in fact support the cause support the chaos and
sent those two if a plane ticket fee fees to Nature Boy because this is where
I’m guarantee now it takes a lot of energy and I know that Nature Boy does
have that time and energy to just come up with a dam but as you see he was in
his feelings Nature Boy it was at this moment so that’s why he didn’t even
bother to block out two two numbers that also deemed Nature Boy he just wanted to
show the proof that only is being a fraud something that I knew
from the gate and it’s just still my opinion I don’t care she comes home
Tuesday or not guys the fact still remains there’s something shady about
this whole situation the fact also still remains that only put up a fake plane
ticket that said 2017 now of course people they
look and they pry and if she was really up on her game she would already know
girl before you put up anything you better proofread it because with all
these people that like to keep the lie going you gotta play it safe and I feel
as though by her not playing as safe when she had posted up on her page and
then when she found out that someone had seen that it said 2017 she quickly took
it down those are just common sense it has nothing to do with the facts because
Umi right now at least is in Panama allegedly by herself at this hotel and
she has a lot of time on her hands so I’m quite sure she’s listening to what
is being said about her and that’s how she took that post down of the plane
ticket that said 2017 to clear and clean her tracks so like I said again even if
only does come home on Tuesday let’s hear what she has to say what is going
to be her story is what I’m going to call it so with all that being said
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