VLOG – What I Eat In A Day To Lose Weight! With Calories

November 16, 2019 0 By Ewald Bahringer

hello babe today I’m going to be doing a
little bit of a different style wedding today making it a little more casual I’m
so excited to do this one because it’s been one that has the meal in particular
has been like eating this meal and I’ve been loving it and it’s so easy for
those of you who haven’t watched my other what I eat in a day is make sure
you guys go check them out currently I am eating 1300 calories
I feel works for me best is having 3 meals in a day I used to think that
because of the way my body was set up I felt like I needed six meals per day I
just don’t do that anymore it just doesn’t work for my lifestyle I thought
that the issue before was my whole my whole bloating issue so I thought that
if I were eating smaller meals that that issue would go away but it was what I
was eating I will blow with anything not anything but I know now like the
particular foods that will do that to me I tried to take out as much dairy I’ll
still have like cheese sour cream and stuff like that but I will have it’s a
minimal amount whereas before it was milk milk I felt to me was my biggest
culprit sugar is another big culprit like bad sugars sometimes when I have
fruits I get a little bit bloated just sugar in general whether its natural or
not my stomach just gets bloated with it a lot of salt I get bloat in foods that
are very acidic foods you know a lot of vinegar stuff like that only only time I
have know can I tell you guys is when I go to breakfast and they don’t have my
almond milk and they just had those little tiny like creamer milk things I
hate cream I cannot take cream in my coffee but I’ll have like chew of those
little tiny milks I was having cereal with milk I was having my coffee with
like half a cup of milk inside of it twice three times a day so it does make
up for that a lot of you guys asked me if I track my macros
I don’t really track my macros and I find that I had the same progress in the
beginning I used to I don’t really anymore basically what I’m trying to say
to you guys is I won’t be like oh I have you know this many cars for breakfast
that I’m not gonna have this many carbs for dinner I personally I don’t for me I
know what’s gonna make me get to my goal is to create a super realistic lifestyle
so if I’m here going no I can’t have that piece of bread for
dinner I don’t want to be living like that
it’s like putting too many rules in a game and nobody wants to play it anymore
and we all give up from me I don’t count them religiously but what I do have in
mind is okay have your carbs you know make sure you’re having your protein
make sure you’re not having too much of fat I am I’m mindful of it but no I do
not calculate my macros for those of you who are on this deficit and you guys
want to do track your macros I’m not going to tell you not to it’s not a bad
thing it’s just for me realistically I it just doesn’t work for me right now
and I don’t know if we will in the future back to the gym I’m going twice a
week but the weather is getting warmer today the sun’s not coming through don’t
know what happened like seriously come on Canada get with it
let me tell you the outdoor workouts are coming your way you guys I’m so excited
I’m definitely gonna try to up it up to three times a week as soon as the Sun is
out I just put in such a good mood I drink my three liters of water past
month I didn’t really lose much weight and I kind of used that month to to eat
more and I just feel like it’s kind of it’s really good for your deficit
because you’re on this street great we’re like you’re on a deficit you’re
going straight straight straight but your body eventually will get tired of
that your body’s going okay you’ve been doing this for such a long time like
give me a break you know what I mean the deficit is is a change to your body
right but your metabolism will adjust to any change over time that you that you
bring to it so it actually was good but the end of March and then this April so
yeah it wasn’t really the beginning of March was more April sorry but now in
May like we’re going hard and end of April right now we are going back to our
deficit and we’re going to tell our metabolism come in for you it is go time
like we’re back into it back into the deficit I’m actually you guys are gonna
be so proud of me I’m eating more fruit now I know I know I know I can use the
applause I am actually having strawberries strawberries usually they
hurt my tummy but lazy they haven’t been I’ve been dipping them instead of dark
chocolate love it love it though I’m going to show
you guys so cute I’ve been eating pineapple I ate an entire container
yesterday pineapple so I can’t even show you guys but just be proud of me it’s
okay that’s why I need from you it’s okay guys
lot of you guys asked me if you guys should do cardio first to lose your fat
no that’s my answer when I did majority or
all cardio before you guys I was left with this flabby skin and no muscle no
tone and I lost my shape so the hips that you guys see the curves that you
guys see on Instagram that’s from my weightlifting that’s definitely not for
my cardio where I was like cardio cardio cardio zumba zumba zumba treadmill
elliptical the bike it was like cardio cardio cardio oh my god like looking
back I’m just like what were your doing girl and that’s what I got when I do
cardio I would recommend weight lifting it tones you better it makes you
stronger and then what I do is I say I would do like 90 85 to 90 percent weight
lifting and then the rest cardio the cardio that I will do is skipping I will
do hit workouts with my resistance bands I’m gonna do a video for you guys and
show you guys some new ones a lot of you guys still asking me about my height I
am 5 foot 1 inch I am a short little one and I weigh right now around 1:32 my
body fat is is it 29.4 or 28:28 yeah that’s right ya know I’m 28 28 % bunny
thighs no no I started with 40-something so I’m 28 now
oh so ya know let’s get cookin out of the kitchen good boy lay down
good boy stay there so first meal of the day our breakfast is going to be with
these multigrain English muffins I got this from President’s Choice and their
blue menu and if you look at the bag these ones are 130 colors they’re
actually 10 calories less than the white ones first thing we’re going to do is
spray a little bit of our olive oil pan over here in our pan just and then
instead of this is a plug bag I have the rest of my Lilydale turkey sausages for
breakfast that I absolutely love we’re gonna use one of these inside of our
sandwich today and we’re gonna do what I did in my last video where I split it in
half and butterfly them just so that it can be a little bit more of a sausage
and then we our organic eggs we’re going to be using
one of these organic eggs over here and for these ones that says one is 70
calories and for these turkey sausages these guys are 35 calories each which is
really good and super low we’re gonna finish it off with some a medium cheddar
cheese so these ones are 90 calories I’m going to take a little bit off of this
because it is a little bit too big and it’s just gonna lower my calories guys
I’m very picky about my toast and I don’t like when it’s over toasted even
that breakfast I like everything super super lightly done I don’t put it down
until the very very end but I like to do is I like to split the sausage in half
just like this I like to butterfly it split it open and that’s what we’re
gonna use inside of our sandwich I’m just gonna kind of squish it down a
little bit and make it a little bit more of a patty look how this is looking a
look at that sausage this morning I’m gonna make a different drink than coffee
because you guys know I am a coffee lover but today I feel like having much
on the matcha definitely gives you that boost of energy that you need so I’m
going to show you guys how I make that the first thing you’re going to need is
I’m one of these tiny little sisters then I just have my matcha scoop here
from David’s tea I put this over top and we’re gonna get a scoop of our matcha my
favorite favorite favorite is the Grand Cru matcha from David’s tea my scoop I’m
gonna put it inside of here so I’m just kind of pushing the matcha throw just
like this it’s gotten very very tiny that’s what it does and then when you
pour your water it just separates a lot easier our whole earth CVL I will leave
the link down below for you guys this is my favorite stevia it is the one
that Starbucks uses again I always talk about the stevia and just so one of
those in their zero calories which is absolutely amazing
for our water over top and you know me you guys don’t like a lot of milk we’re
gonna be using our organic scone iced almond milk unsweetened of course before
I used to use milk and then I went to soy and then I didn’t think I could deal
with almond milk but now I do mix this all up and that’s what our matcha latte
looks like it tastes so good you guys and it just gives you that boost of
energy just before the gym just gonna flip it over and check perfect okay I
just like them a little bit toasted like that I don’t like anything too crazy and
we’re gonna grab our put it at the bottom there and grab our
sausage yummy yummy yummy I love the sausage parts my favorite I’ve just cut
a little slit off of it just takes a little bit of calories off of it I’m
gonna put our cheese over top and then we’re gonna close it up look how
delicious that looks it’s so simple and so easy if you guys can do turkey bacon
you guys can do real bacon you guys can use the back bacon that I showed you
guys before you guys look how good this looks oh my god it tastes so good
especially when you get a bite to the sausage so we just came back from the
gym I am ready to eat I’m gonna be eating a snack in between
this time I’m gonna be having some fruit so I’m gonna show you guys how I have
that and I drank a whole wine later at the gym I used to do that when I’m at
the gym cuz I just got so tired right now we’re just going to be having some
strawberries look how delicious these look these are already pre-washed I
think I’m gonna have about six pieces this right here you guys is my dark
chocolate mixture basically melt dark chocolate chips half almond milk half
chocolate chips what that does is it cuts down and the calories for the
chocolate I just bought these Hershey’s chip it’s that’s what they’re called so
cute dark chocolate so 70% cocoa just in case you guys want to know which one to
buy I like using these ones there’s so many different ones out there but I just
chose the 70% one and per 15 pieces it says it’s 78 calories and lately I’ve
just been loving this as a snack I have not a fruit fan so it just yeah I’m just
really like kind of enjoying the fact that I am interested in it right now
this is just to kind of keep me a little bit full while I am cooking my meal I
love the bitterness of the dark chocolate with the strawberries because
for me I don’t like anything overly sweet anyways you kind of just dip it
all in there and have it as a snack it’s just so yummy you guys I love it so much
and still excited to eat these I eat these lost 92 they were still good so
lunch time we’re gonna have my favorite new recipe chicken quesadilla oh my god
you guys I found such a cool way to make this quesadilla super healthy so I can’t
wait to show you guys so I’m preheating our grill over here to 350 degrees my
favorite hamilton beach grill yall already know so this has been in the
fridge overnight look how good that looks so this in here has a chili powder
i will listed for you guys chili powder garlic powder
onion powder salt paprika a little bit of cayenne and that’s basically it
oh yes in cumin a little bit of cumin I have also sliced each chicken breast in
half they were way too thick and I find it’s just so much faster to cook as well so let’s check out how our grilling is
going we’re just going to everybody flip them over one because I just didn’t want
them to stick and I just sleep spray the grill with a little bit of olive oil
before I’m actually going to do a full one inside of my pan and when you do a
full one it actually is for two meals because with one wheel it’s just too
heavy so we’re actually gonna do a dinner and a lunch combo and I love that
because to be honest with you guys I have half of it and then my dinner is
already done for me so then I can go back to work and then I can just come
back and warm them up a little bit but for those of you who have like a really
crazy busy lifestyle or your mom’s this is absolutely perfect and if you guys
have kids they would love that you guys can put anything inside of this as well
the only thing I’m actually gonna chop up is the green onion I’m not I’m gonna
chop up the spinach I’m just gonna put it in a hole I love to use my kitchen
scissors and just go like this and chop it up we are going to remove the pieces
now onto our cutting board over here because we are going to chop em up so our oil is all cut up now is this one
right here this container is for my meal prep for me to be making this throughout
the rest of the week I want to do about two and a half ounces of chicken on each
side of the quesadilla and by the way guys my pan over here is already on low
heat so it’s already preheated for me so I just turned on my scale and I’m going
to be putting it on ounces regardeth and the quesadilla like hops are uneven it
doesn’t matter at the end of the day you know that you had five ounces of chicken
so it doesn’t really matter would you guys die if this is like exactly five
ounces are you serious right now okay that’s five point one so we’re just
going to put the rest of this chicken inside of here so I’m actually going to
remove just a little piece so perfect that is five of us with the chicken
I was pretty dead on and now we know that we can put this inside of our
quesadilla for the cheese what we’re gonna do is we are using a mixture of
shredded cheddar and part-skim mozzarella cheese for a quarter of a cup
it’s 110 calories put a quarter on each side so that we know we are having a
total of 220 calories of cheese I’m so excited for you guys to see this like I
love making this it just excites me oh my god I can’t even tell you the
tortillas that we’re gonna use are my favorite favorite ones by Senora there
are 120 calories per and we’re going to be using of course two of these because
we need to do a top and bottom lay down your tortilla again we know that this is
a total of five houses and just kind of spread it around evenly and that’s what
I like to do make sure there’s none like falling out of the edge we’re gonna
sprinkle our green onion all in there so I just have some mild salsa over here
super low calorie I’m adding just a teaspoon on each side of the quesadilla
I just love that it adds this sauce because you guys know I love my sauces
literally just want to lay the spinach over top I like to put as much spinach
as possible the more spinach the better that’s been all these are cheese this
just 1/4 of a cup the cheese is going to be the glue so you definitely want to
put the cheese in here because that’s what’s going to kind of make this all
come together but other one on the other side I can’t wait
for you guys to see the Chris penis oh my god it’s so good now we are going to
push this over top right here so here’s my trick you guys I grab a couple of
plates I’ve put it over top to put some pressure on top of it I’ve raised the
stove to medium we’re gonna let this sit a little bit and I’m gonna peek at the
bottom to see when it’s starting to get golden and we’re gonna flip it over so I
can hear that sizzling so we’re just going to remove this it is a little bit
hot so if you want to wear gloves to make sure you guys do it’s going to lift
underneath and I can see it’s nice and brown so you will have to get a good
grip on this and yeah girl that’s what I’m talking about and if any of these
pieces of chicken like come out don’t worry about it just kind of use your
spatula and stick it in if you’re going to put our plates back on top and we’re
gonna wait for the bottom to kind of crisp up as well nice and brown as well
so now what we’re going to do is we are going to take this off of here and put
it on to our plate BAM you want to let it sit for about five minutes we also
have sour cream I love love love dipping inside a sour cream so we’re gonna be
using that on the side as well so now that this was kind of settled down what
I’m gonna do is I’m just going to slice this down at the center
look at how crispy that is I also like to cut them instead of quarters because
it’s much easier to eat as well so that’s what our key Cydia looks like oh
my god it just looks so good you guys I have to lift it up and show you look how
good that looks oh my god and the chicken it’s just so delicious in there
so we’re gonna take two of these pieces and put it inside of that plate so that
I can save it for dinner and two of them are gonna be for right now two
tablespoons of this sour cream is 45 calories so we’re gonna go for the full
two tablespoons okay guys I’m gonna need the full two honey because I don’t
really like my sour creams what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna be extra I’m going
to chop some green onion over top of my sour cream right there mm-hmm
yeah I feel super cute for doing this I really do you guys and I’m actually
gonna take some and put them also over my quesadilla yeah I know I know I’m
super cute I know it’s okay guys you don’t have to tell me look how good it
look oh my god I’m so excited I can’t wait to have this this is half of the
quesadilla and then I’m not the other half for dinner so I’m going
to go ahead and have this for lunch and then around 7:00 p.m. I’m gonna have the
other half of the quesadilla and then at night time I’ll probably just make
myself a coffee and that’ll be the end of my day so we made it through another
calorie deficit day I hope you guys enjoyed the meals that I showed you guys
today and hopefully you guys can make them at home I know you guys will love
these quesadillas and also the breakfast sandwiches so make sure you guys try
them out let me know down below if you guys love
the meals and also if you guys want to see more of these videos thank you guys
so much for watching and I will see you guys next time let’s just put all of the
green onion inside of the sour cream because we’re cool chicken is fire Wow
this is what toasters are for I’m gonna try this quesadilla for you with you I
want to eat it with you dip it into our little sour cream here a little piece of
sugar on my thumb you can’t miss tuppy’s hard to be on a calorie deficit I mean
in cheese and sour cream mmm good come on some more sour cream I like chicken Canyon dears