WHAT I EAT TO LOSE WEIGHT – Low Calorie Pesto & Hot Chocolate!

February 24, 2020 0 By Ewald Bahringer

guys sometimes I wake up and like them
most annoyed moods take a deep breath son hello babe
welcome back to my channel I already have my little coffee over here I’m
gonna link this cup for you guys because it does have like an inner what do you
call it the inner wall where like it warms keeps your coffee warm also comes
with a lid but I just like to drink it like this it’s actually a wine tumbler
but like y’all already know your girls not like the wine over here I’m not a
drinker hmm so good I feel like I’m literally
half a week like you know when you get up but your eyes are so tired no matter
how much you sleep I actually think the more you sleep the more tired you feel
in the winter it’s like the complete opposite good morning y’all look what I
got over here I got a little bacon container because of course it’s love
Ozias but egg and I was like you know well we need a really cute container so
I got this from home sent I actually will leave a link for you guys as well
to this faith 944 and that noise in the background if you guys are hearing it
that’s just my laundry we’re also gonna include some a little bit of fruit
smoothie and I do obviously prefer to get some natural sugars in instead of
always like going to Morton’s and getting my favorite peanut butter
cookies that are just like everything the best is the other day actually much
less than I am just I’m just gonna say it um I go through the drive-thru and
I’m like can I get a feed with our cookie sorry we’re all sold out do you
think I left with nothing hell no I’ve got a pecan tart no it wasn’t a pecan a
pecan danish it and I have been going back to the gym I’m taking it slow
that’s definitely my advice if you guys were like me and kind of gained some way
back and you really felt like it was the challenge to get back to that first
moment while like I was saying in my last video I did a little chitchat and a
weight loss update so make sure you guys to go check that one out as well and it
has these other recipes that you guys are going to love for fall in winter I
am eating around 13 to 1400 calories more closer to the 14 range that is
based on my height a lot of people get surprised and think that that’s a low
amount but if you guys want to find out how many calories you should be eating
if you’re completely new to my channel or if you guys have been watching and
you’re not really ready to door calorie-counting or haven’t been
but now you feel like you are I’ll leave the calculator down below it’ll kind of
help you guys out and for those of you who are new Oh welcome to my channel and
hopefully you guys have subscribed already if you guys have not make sure
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so many questions if I count my macros I do not count my macros I feel like it is
a good thing I never speak bad about it it’s not that it’s not a good thing the
honest few and very blunt it’s too much work and it’s just adding this extra
thing to like keep in mind plus I’ve lost with 40 pounds without counting my
macros at all can kind of steer people away from doing this journey because
it’s already hard enough as it is I’m not gonna lie guys it is so cloudy today
and making like a little mini smoothie I’m not making a full one somebody in on
there just look at this little slave good old oj we’re gonna put some apple
oh you see how that just came out right there
okay so we’re open and we’re gonna add in mango it’s very tropical this one so
if you love those flavors really good healthy way to start your day with a
little bit of a smoothie and I’m not the smoothie Queen believe me we’re not
gonna use a crazy amount of mango a little bit of water because it’s gonna
be a little bit too sweet for your girl so I’m using turkey bacon these cuts are
very compliments generally all turkey bacon you guys are gonna find that
they’re around 30 to 40 calories I’m gonna be doing it three slices this
morning and I’m just gonna add it I’m only gonna be using the white and
I’m taking out the yolk sometimes I add a tiny bit of the yolk and the reason
why I don’t use the yolk or a little bits coming out but that’s okay the
reason why I’m avoiding it this time is because I’m lowering the calories for
those who don’t know egg whites are extremely low in calories it’s the yolk
that’s carrying most of the calories but that does not mean that I do not have
the yolk I have the yoga like a lot so I love adding Montreal chicken spikes on
top of my eggs this already has a lot of salt in it so you don’t need to add salt
and literally just each other that’s it this is like my favorite combo of eggs
okay it’s a Beca what it looks like you guys cannot find marcher old chicken
spice any chicken spice will do what you find golden so we’re just gonna remove
this because our egg is not gonna take long at our Aegon my favorite egg flip
our look at this guy look how large our egg is I cannot they really like gets
underneath and it’s so big just let it sit here for about one minute how good
our eggs look and you do still get a good amount of bacon three slices for
only 90 calories and our beautiful fruit smoothie so that we get our natural
sugars in and it’s just overall really healthy to have this I really want to
start like getting back to smoothies because it’s just so good for you I find
that if I do the small ones I actually feel like I want to drink the Morrises
for dinner but I really wanted to sit because the more something sits the more
flavorful it is are we making a pesto a healthier version of a pesto and kind of
lower calories so in pesto we all know that you need pine nuts we’re actually
not using any nuts because that is so high-calorie you guys it’s not even
funny have some fresh basil it’s so fresh
we’re going to put in some salt it works and a lot of you guys were like please
show us so I’m actually using this alfredo sauce this is gonna give us that
cheesy flavor without adding too many calories but this one is per quarter up
top it’s only 45 calories so this is also going to give us a really creamy
cheesy sauce oh I just get the porch okay I did get the four cheese I must
have because I’m like you know what I don’t want to put in actual cheese some
garlic but it’s not go lightly on that husband all these we’re going to be
adding some almond milk and this is what’s gonna make it that creamy sort of
texture if you guys have not seen my Amazon haul this guy is in there and I
love it so it’s definitely linked under that video and I’m gonna pour a little
bit of my olive oil inside of here oh my god that smells Oh God and I add
in more basil now plus I like a really strong basil flavor I mean the greener
the better y’alls though oh my god it looks so good so now you just want to do
a taste test mmm that’s good I just put this inside of the fridge but
you guys look at this beautiful color I just seriously cannot oh I’m gonna go
get ready and we’re gonna be back to make our lunch so for those of you who
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making a Middle Eastern spiced chicken I love Middle Eastern food you already
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like me and you kind of run out of ideas of what to cook it just makes it really
fun let’s get started cooking lunch because I’m really excited to try this
middle-eastern chicken literally everything is already chopped up for you
labels and everything so it’s pre labeled pre-measured onions I really
appreciate this because I do not like enjoy chopping onions at all
everything is super nice and fresh too oh my god look at these almonds
look how good this looks you guys so for me particularly I’m actually going to
avoid using these two potato and I’m just gonna save it for another recipe
that I do just because the calories so this is the recipe card that tells you
all of the ingredients that come within your meal plus a picture so that you
guys know what it looks like and then when you turn it around it has a
step-by-step card that you guys will follow only has six steps and I love
these pictures because I’m super visual just have the garlic inside of there
it does hate to add a tablespoon of oil but I’m actually gonna add a little bit
less I just added half of the onions and a little bit of garlic inside of there
and we’re gonna wait for this to heat up put my rice in the back there and we’re
gonna get back to that so we’re going to toast our almonds let me tell you
something I love nuts in my food – it’s for about two to three minutes going to
add in our rice and also it has a cup and a quarter of water and I’ve already
pre-measured it inside of here so my rice has a little bit of color I’m going
to add in some tumeric so now we’re going to close this off and wait till
that comes to a boil look at how nice our almonds are getting
you guys some of them are getting so toasty and I can smell it oh my god I
cannot wait okay so now we have our chicken inside of here and we have our
Turkish spice blend that they gave us then we have some garlic salt and we’re
going to add that there as well honey I all for the garlic
salt throat that of black pepper to toss this up and right now I’m also gonna
remove my almonds too because I don’t want them to burn
look how toasted these guys got I put them inside of this little bowl and set
them aside so I’m using the same pan that we used
for our almonds and I’ve just sprayed a little bit of my olive oil lay down our
chicken and we’re gonna let this really cook on either side until it is golden
brown and thoroughly cooked on the inside okay we’re gonna make our
beautiful sauce over here so we’re gonna grab our lemon I’m really excited
because I have not gotten to use my little grater over here going to zest a
little bit of this lemon inside okay now I’m going to juice my lemon and I’m just
using my palm so that if any of the seeds come out I’m just going to catch
them you guys our rice smells delicious make sure you guys turn
off the oven once it comes to a boil and let it sit on there but wait until you
guys see it it looks so good and now we’re gonna be adding on cilantro so it
says to roughly chop it but I’m gonna use my trick there ain’t nothing wrong
with it you know I’m saying there’s nothing that I love more than cilantro
who loves cilantro as much as me comment down below we’re going to add our yogurt
that they gave us I’m just gonna shake it up first we’re gonna add that inside
of here I’m dying because it says to save half of the cilantro but I just put
the whole entire thing okay so I got too excited that’s okay it’s all good like
wait until you guys see that rice oh my god and now you’re gonna want to just
whisk it up the lemon just add something you’re gonna add in all of the toasted
almonds inside of there and mix this all up that’s gonna add a beautiful texture
you teach me these new recipes I would have never thought to do myself and it
just makes you want to do it and feel comfortable enough to create them of
course I’m gonna be doing only one breast our chicken is so nicely cooked
you guys drizzle this guy plus you can have it going up your rice if you want
to as well Middle Eastern plate is all finished
have my water to you guys one thing I want to share is I feel like it’s so
important for me to remind you guys that during your weight loss journey you guys
can have meals like this let’s just you have to be realistic in order for you to
stick with something if you’re just gonna be too restricting and you feel
like you have to have salads all day long I feel like your journey is gonna
be really tough when you can have stuff like this you know what I mean like this
is a full blown meal so I’m grabbing a little bit of everything so that I get
to taste it all yo girl’s life seriously no joke that yogurt is good life oh my
god I feel like I’m at a restaurant eating middle eat chocolate when I go
out this is so good you guys don’t mind if I finish this all right here dude
do you guys like watching people eat I don’t if you guys want to try the mode
don’t forget again to visit hellofresh com use my promo code Stephanus 809 you
guys will get nine meals free which is $90 off your very first month including
shipping so make sure you guys don’t forget to try them out and visit their
website and I have to go eat this right now because it is way too good to be
sitting here watch yourself so we’re pesto sauce has been sitting
inside of the fridge and I also have my pasta water boiling we’re gonna be using
this fettuccine pasta instead of using just regular spaghetti last time I did
it I did it with bowtie what I like to do is break up my fettuccine so that
they’re not super long plus it just makes it easier to cook by the way this
pasta does not have any meat in it so it is considered vegetarian we’re gonna
leave this on boil until it’s cooked now our pot is nice and kind of hot put it
on medium low don’t put it on too high just yet I’m gonna scrape the rest of
this with my little spatula look at that beautiful color we’re just gonna let
this warm up a little bit here to cook a little bit I would say about 10 to 15
minutes so our pasta is basically a done just drizzle it over my garlic house
saucy she is the only thing it needs is a little garnish this is our four cheese
low calorie pesto sauce over fettuccine pasta and garnished with a little bit
extra basil over top again don’t be afraid of having pasta while you’re on a
weight-loss journey it is not going to affect you
it’s all about how much you consume okay guys this is the last thing of the night
when I crave something a little bit sweet at night and I also want something
warm especially because of these winter nights and it’s also a little
Christmassy too it’s the perfect time so this is the hot chocolate mix that I
like to use by Comino this one is Fairtrade and its original milk and it’s
also organic as well three tablespoons is 140 calories so based on some of the
other ones I feel like it has to be low-calorie but it also has to taste
good I’m not just gonna drink something just because it’s low-calorie I love to
put one of my whole earth stevia if you put two it’ll still get very chocolatey
it just kind of depends how much you want that flavor to come out and you
guys can put more if you have the room as well fill it up first just kind of
stir this guy up and get that powder really in there I love to top it off
with a little bit of my almond milk because it makes a little bit more of
that creamy chocolate sort of taste but this is honestly perfect if you guys
have a sweet tooth and you want something fairly low cal you want to
keep sipping on something while you’re watching your Netflix or your shows at
night I also have two new winter fall winter kind of hulls for you guys
clothing hauls one from Nasty Gal and one from boohoo and make sure you guys
check those out as well if you guys want some new winter kind of fashion info I
did my Christmas tree you guys I love just watching my show the tree is lit
it’s so pretty and then I just tucked my hot chocolate guys there’s a fruit fly
he is so annoying like flew in my faces I’m trying to show
you my hot chocolate like how rude anyways you guys that’s basically it for
this wedding in a day I hope you guys enjoyed make sure you guys leave some
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watching and I will see all of my beautiful babes
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