What I got from iHerb.com – unboxing (food, supplements, shower cap and more)

November 4, 2019 0 By Ewald Bahringer

Hello, guys! Today I will show you what I
ordered from the website iherb.com, from England, I think. I only order from
this site those things that I cannot buy in Russia and only the most necessary
things, I try not to spend a lot because it’s so easy to spend thousands and
thousands of rubles on this site, there are so many interesting things. So yeah,
check it out! Here it is iHerb, it’s a very famous
site for Russians, especially Russian vegans because there is so much of
cruelty-free vegan makeup or vegan products, different supplements, all that
stuff. So… So much of plastic. So what do we have here? This is vegetable broth, it’s big amount, I love to
buy from this company – Frontier co-op in bulk because they are cheaper
than other brands of the same product. Vegetable broth, I always come across
this ingredient in the recipes, so many recipes I can do because of this broth
and I really don’t want to cook my own broth, it will take so much time. Now I will
have the solution. Another thing from this company Frontier – coriander seed,
it’s one of my most favorite spices for cooking. Mmm, my most favorite product –
nutritional yeast flakes, not powder but flakes are very very tasty,
it’s like vegan cheese powder, I can add it in my vegan cheeses which I can make
at home or in different dishes like even rice or something simple as buckwheat
and it will make everything so much tastier, amazing thing, don’t mix it with
the brewer’s yeast, nutritional yeast is deactivated, it doesn’t behave as a yeast
in your body, it’s harmless, unless you are a person with the Crone’s disease, and
it has a lot of vitamins, not added just in it. Now, organic mesquite powder, I got the
idea from one Russian girl, then she said that you can use it in baking instead of
sugar and as a part of flour, it’s a kind of flour made of mesquite, it’s a
kind of bean and has sweet taste and it’s not harmful, it’s actually
beneficial for health as all beans are, I have never tried it, but I will
definitely try and maybe make a video about it, if it works instead of sugar
because it’s a very healthy stuff, healthy sugar substitute This is 7 nuts&seeds butter, so it
contains butters of peanuts, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, flaxseed,
sunflower and salt. No added palm oil, nothing extra, just
nuts&seeds butters, it’s very amazing, I can use it for porridge and give it to
baby because he cannot chew the nuts yet. I’ve not tried it, but the ingredients
really amazed me and I’m so eager to try it. What is that? Coconut oil!
It’s liquid because coconut oil will be liquid if the temperature is
above 25 degrees Celsius, so this is coconut oil with non-dairy butter
flavours, when I put it in the fridge it will become solid like butter and I can
use it in all the recipes instead of the butter. Of course I will not use so much
because it has a lot of saturated fat, almost like real butter, but some dishes,
they really require some this buttery taste and I will just use it
occasionally. I hope this jar will last for about, I
don’t know, six months at least, I will not use it like everyday in food,
definitely. Shower cap and case for it. I read a lot of reviews about these things,
this is when I take shower I don’t want my hair to become wet and this is a good
thing for it. I was looking for a really good quality cap because most of the
things I buy in the market, cheap things, they just fall apart after 1 month or
they stink and this gets awesome reviews, so in this way I will put it so that my
hair don’t get wet and also I can use it inside out, I have read about it, in
that way this plastic thing will be inside and I can have some hair masks,
oil masks for hair and this will be like to heat up my hair for the mask to be
more effective. Ok, looks pretty good. What else…
hmm… vegan omega-3 DHA plus EPA, this is a very good thing for pregnant and
breastfeeding women especially and I’m breastfeeding ,I read and heard about a
research that says that preformed long-chain fatty acids DHA and EPA
are really really beneficial for the baby’s brain and there were studies that
babies whose mother got this DHA EPA thing druing pregnancy and breastfeeding, they
got better results in studying and cognitive abilities, so I think it’s very
important and also it’s vegan, it’s made out of algae, algae based, it’s similar to
what you usually buy in fish oil capsules, but why is it better than
fish oil, because a fish can accumulate toxins from the oceans, mercury and heavy metals, it’s also scientifically proven, you can find a lot of articles on that and
this thing, algae, they don’t accumulate those things and they are grown in a
clean environment, so it’s a really a ecological and much healthier
alternative to fish oil. Of course our body can form its own DHA and EPA when we eat omega-3 rich plants like flax seeds, walnuts, hemp seeds, some other
things, it can form this DHA EPA from ALA – a short chain fatty acid, but how
efficiently it does it – it’s still a matter of research, so to be on the safe
side pregnant and breastfeeding women are definitely recommended to take these
supplements and for people in general, those who don’t eat fish, who don’t want
to get this heavy metals from fish, it’s a good insurance policy to take it once or two times a week, that will not hurt definitely. And the last thing – clove
essential oil. I’m a big fan of essential oils, I buy a lot of them, I have a big
collection, I use them for my home DIY, makeup, for different home remedies, you
can check out my other videos about how I make my own deodorant and other things. And this particular clove essintial oil I bought to make my own thing against mosquitoes, so clove has properties to protect against mosquitoes
and insects. And Aura Cacia, it is known to be a good essential oil company, not all
essential oil companies are good, but Aura Cacia is well recommended by aroma
therapists. Ok, thank you for watching, I hope you enjoyed those things that I
buy, I hope you got some information, new ideas about what to buy, something
usefu. Thank you for watching and see you in other videos. Good bye!