What Is Vitamin D For? Where Does Vitamin D Come From What Does It Do? Low Vitamin D Cholecalciferol

January 8, 2020 0 By Ewald Bahringer

I’ve had so many people request me to do
this video it’s not a video about kayaking so no matter how healthy our diet we’re
unlikely to get enough vitamin D often called the sunshine vitamin about 90% of our vitamin D is made from our skin in the sunshine and that’s all
well if you live in sunny California but in Britain the Sun isn’t strong enough
between October to April I see blood results everyday at work and about half of them are deficient in vitamin D and one is six a severely deficient so low
vitamin D is linked to osteoporosis which is the thinning of the bone but it also
regulates thousands of genes in the body which are responsible for your blood
vessels your immune system and even your muscle strength tiredness and muscle pains
are the most common symptoms so now that we know how important vitamin D I’m
going to tell you in the next video which vitamin D I recommend to patients
that’s all well if you live in California but in hahah film the lady kept taking
pictures of me on their phone I think they thought I was like some kind of big
celebrity but I’m not really big Hey guys thanks for watching if you haven’t
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