Yogi Organic Ginger Tea for Flavorful Digestive Balancing Support Review

December 3, 2019 0 By Ewald Bahringer

Hi everyone, Colleen here from LuckyVitamin
and I’m going to tell you about my Lucky Pick which is the Yogi Ginger Tea. So Yogi has
a wide variety of teas with different flavors and herbs but the Ginger Tea is my favorite.
I find it to be light and refreshing, and really helps to soothe you on those cold winter
days. The Ginger Tea is caffeine free, but ginger is known to help improve blood circulation,
so instead of reaching for a coffee or an energy drink in the afternoon, when I need
a little bit more energy, I can go for the ginger tea and still get that natural boost
of energy. But what ginger is most known for is aiding in digestion. So I will always reach
for it after a large lunch or dinner. Yogi Tea is a great company that promote healthy
living in all that they do. You can see that with the certifications on the box from the
organic, vegan, Non-GMO project verified ingredients, all the way through to post consumer use with
a recyclable box and compostable tea bags. Yogi Tea also has fun packaging, they have
different Yoga poses on the box that you can follow along with. As well as fun little sayings
on your tea bags. “Live through consciousness, not through emotion.” I t’s the little things. So that’s why I love it. You should give it a try. If you like it too, tell your friends
and spread the wellness.